• 1.69'' Large Touchscreen
  • 50+ Watch Faces Or Customized Photo
  • Colorful Watch Bands
  • 10 Day Battery Life
  • 5ATM Water Resistance
  • SpO2 Level 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
  • 13 Exercise Modes Running Competitor
  • Smart Reminders Built-in Alexa

Designed For Style Speak For Yourself

1.69'' Large Touchscreen Smooth Edge & Aluminium Alloy Body

Big-size screen with responsive and smooth touch. 2.5D Curved Glass Cover seamlessly blends screen and case. Trendy and intimately designed watch body with aluminium alloy material. Ultra light body only 24g* weight - feel nothing when you wear it.


50+ Personalised Watch Faces Or Put Your Own Customized Photo!

Maimo Watch, Just Yours. 50+ dynamic watch faces available for download or create your own watch face using your photos! With your family, friends, pets or just yourself*.

* Available via Sep 2021 software update

Stylish and Colorful Watch Bands Make Your Fashion Statement, Standout From the Crowd

Bands avaliable in multiple colors to meet the all of your styles.

Your Health Guardian 24/7 Monitoring

Blood Oxygen Level Measurement*

Your blood oxygen level describes the amount of oxygen your red blood cells are carrying. Whether you do exercise or just feel unwell, measure your SpO2 level to better understand your physical condition and keep your body healthy.

*This product is not a medical device. The data and results are for reference only and should not be deemed as the basis for diagnosis and treatment.

Take a breath when you're stressed out

Ever wonder if your workout is intense enough? Just take a look at the watch and see for yourself. When your heart rate goes up due to stress, follow the built-in breath training to retrieve your peace of mind.

Indicate the quality of your sleep

Native sleep monitoring lets you understand your sleep cycle, track the length of your sleep, and more with a personal sleep report.

Keep Moving For Strength and Wellness Be Efficient to Boost the Result

Track Your Progress with 13 Exercise Modes

13 exercise modes at your disposal to track your workout duration, pace, heart rate, and other fitness information. Auto detects outdoor running and walking - no mode selection needed.

Running Competitor

Never run alone. Our AI running competitor can accompany you on your runs. Set your pace and compete to see how far ahead or behind you are to reach your exercise goal.

We Add More to Make Your Life Easier and Smarter

10-Day Battery Life, No Battery Anxiety

Battery lasts over 10 days for typical use including health monitoring, notifications, app use and other basic features. Up to 21 days if you only use it for notifications, alarms, app use and pedometer.

Your Personal Assistant

Get reminders on easy-to-forget things like drinking water or staying active. It also alerts you when your heart rate is abnormally high*.

* Set your maximum heart rate and get notified when your heart rate exceeds it.

Notifications to Keep You Informed Anytime

Never miss a beat with our Maimo Watch. Connect the watch to your phone to easily receive emails, subscriptions, messages or other notifications.

Built-in Amazon Alexa*

Use Alexa to quickly get news, weather or other information with your voice.

*Supported Languages: English/French/Italian/Spanish/German

Auto Screen Display


  • Green
  • White
  • Orange
  • Black

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